What We Do?

IT Consulting, IT Infrastructure, Networking Services, Surveillance, Automations Services, AMC Services, Advertising and Branding Services.

We thoroughly consider of the case and creative in the field of technology. Impossible Solutions is pioneer trusted for arranging, designing, implementing and keeping up wired systems administration foundation and remote systems administration answers for extensive variety of customers, from business class inns and resorts to little and expansive endeavors, We additionally lead the pack and activity in executing new and upcoming advancements, to meet the regularly expanding requests of clients. Having an industry nearness of almost 10years we have gained rich involvement in taking care of significant venture at PAN India level, organizing advances, Building mechanizations and surveillance. We have tie-ups with rumored sellers for different innovation items and administrations. This expands our quality by our specialized and client bolster benefits, a solid asset base and our across the country nearness.

Our Specialized Support System

The system backing us up is a team of professionals who are always running from pillar to post, in order to bring new resolutions to your problems. The way we solve your problem is different because we take you as our relation, and research on each aspect related to it. After thorough analyzation by our team, we make sure to present this resolution to you and alter it according to the alterations you require us to do. We make sure to deliver the best in the field of IT, real time at a nominal charge. We believe in you and want you to turn back to us for all your IT support needs ever.

Why chose us?

A simple answer can be derived from that as being a company you always need IT support. Let it be related to the AMCs where software are updated or when you need to know which hardware need to be replaced or trashed. For any IT need, simply rely on us and focus on the other aspect of the company which can make your company grow at a high pace. Here is why should you chose us:

All Your IT Needs at 1 Place:

Our company is among those which offer complete solutions to all your IT needs. From planning IT infrastructure to deployments and post installation supports in AMCs of servers, Wi-Fi network solutions, Structured cabling, Mobile network boosters, EPABX, Surveillance and other Software solutions or anything in technology we do have a specialist for every problem which can be ever faced by a company.

PAN India Reach:

We have more than 400 engineers on call who are available to support and cater to your needs at all major cities of India.

Expert Team:

The people associated with Impossible Solutions are masters in their respective domains and cannot be challenged on their knowledge and experience. Hence there will not be any single day in the history of our relation with you as a client where you need to wait for another engineer who will resolve your queries because of lack of information on the issue. So you can rest in peace once you outsource your IT needs to us.

Real time support:

Hiring Impossible Solutions as your IT partner means you are giving your IT support in the hands of professional who will make sure nothing goes wrong ever within your company. We take care of tasks real time even being hired on contractual basis. We just owe to your requirement and will always be available in minimum time resolving your queries either through remote presence or by visit. In short, your networks and IT assets are safe in our hands.

Clarity on the Projects:

This is the biggest advantage of outsourcing your requirement to us. Most of the service providing companies believes in hiding things by putting complexed terms and conditions in the contract. Wherein we maintain sheer transparency with all of our clients by explaining each clause before we sign in and accept projects. Not to mention we also bring forward the worst case scenario to our clients so that one can be prepared beforehand.

On Time Delivery:

Our engineers are trained to meet the deadline every time they cater to a project. We provide TATs according to the complexity of the projects.

Backup on the Go:

The companies we work for, whom we call the masters are given access to the data backup which is taken on the go, in order to maintain a copy of everything which goes in and out via company server.

Reminders and follow ups for services chosen

Have you ever heard of an after service call from the sales team? We believe in earning customer’s loyalty that is why we make sure to follow up with them even after many years so that they remember as a part of their team and come to us for any need related to their IT service desk. Resultantly, we are proud to say that we have not lost any client till date since beginning and have worked together as team members for each other's.

IT Infrastructure Installations:

A Structured Cabling is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide telephone service or transmit voice data through a computer network and wireless internet access or wireless connectivity throughout the property. We are expert to plan, design and deploy high performance network for any organization by using high end components. Impossible Solutions has a very good experience in structured cabling with skilled connectivity professionals having a successful track record. We are proud to tell you that we offer performance guarantee on our structured cabling projects. We use best quality Integration tools to terminate our cables so that your guest and staff experience excellent performance from your network at all times. We provide end to end network support to our client onsite. We have many advance options to provide unbreakable network.
• Network design and implementation (network rack to each point diagram /rout design)
• Internet leased line / broadband line provision (internet line consulting and guidance)
• IP address reservation managements for devices.
• Auto failover and load balancing of internet (primary and secondary internet line management)
• Network devices AMC and backup provision.
• Firewall and network bandwidth controller management (blockings and controls on employees)
• Group managements and share drives.


We provide complete surveillance support to our client onsite. Our services includes:
• CCTV site survey, demo presentation.
• CCTV installation, testing and training of users.
• CCTV online configuration for remote views.
• Multi location configuration in a single software to view maximum cameras on single screen. A CCTV system's most basic purpose is to provide monitoring and surveillance of an area. This surveillance helps to deter illegal activity by offering the threat of prosecution, and documents the activity of those individuals not swayed by the presence of the CCTV system. It also helps to monitor situations, ranging from large gatherings to more personal uses such as elderly patients with health conditions. Constant monitoring allows for immediate alert and response in cases of emergency, or evidence in legal cases. Systems are often implemented because they:
• Deter theft
• Reduce vandalism
• Monitor high risk or secure areas
• Ensure quality control
• Decrease liabilities (ex. fraudulent injury claims)
• Increase safety for staff in facilities and parking areas
• Provide evidence by recording from the earliest stages of break-in attempts
• Confirm remote processes are running properly


Now a days everything is going to smart and automated from vehicles to TV, washing machine, etc and much more so why your home or office should not automated. We deliver all types of automation solutions and service for your home and office, that gives you feel of extra safety and privacy on your fingertips. Some of the products and service listed here.
• Video door phones (audio and video conversation with the person standing outside your door).
• Smart door locks (the door locks with advance sensors that opens with the fingerprints, smart card, mobile app and additionally mechanical keys).
• Automatic light systems (it safe your electricity and turn off the light when nobody is there, turn on the lights when it sense the human).
• Burglar / Intruder alarm systems (send you alerts by call, SMS, email or notification if someone enters your House / Office without your permission) and much more.
• Outdoor lights scheduler (it power on and off the outside lights of your property eg: garden lights with given schedule)

AMC Services:

We at Impossible Solutions realize that it is not easy and affordable for all businesses to staff a reliable and effective information technology department. Maintenance Contracts is most suitable to any small, medium-sized business that does not require a full time technical support staff. With a Maintenance Agreement, you can afford the same support and technology expertise as a large corporation. If you are concerned about repair and maintenance costs, we offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC). Our skilled engineers are certified to install all categories of server, storage & networking hardware. Certified technicians can make on-site repairs in departmental offices / Individuals, or you can request for pickup your equipment to the workshop. It will be repaired and delivered at your door step. We provide complete hardware support to our clients. We have many options to support our clients as per the requirements.
• Non comprehensive AMC (only service onsite / parts not included in the SLA)
• Comprehensive AMC (service with parts on site)
• PM services (Preventive maintenance service for better performance)
• Alternate engineer provision (alternate engineer for desktop, networking, server support)
• Backup system provision (on failure of any desktop /laptop /printer or network device we arrange backup device)

Advantages of AMC

• Cost Effective
• Certified Engineers
• 365 days Service availability
• On - Site Repair & Maintenance
• Assured response time
• Service call tracking system
• Online Support / Remote Support / Telephonic Support / help documents
• Technical Support
• Support for wide variety of Hardware, Software and Networking Services


Digital advertising is unique way to approach new clients and present your product and service in the market. We provide our clients best digital advertising solutions includes.
• Digital media like CDs, USBs, Memory sticks for data protection and stop piracy with unique License key (right protected)
• Digital promo videos of brand promotions (2D animation video, white board stories, infographic videos, Walkthrough videos, explainer videos, etc).
• Big size video wall LED screen for outdoor / indoor advertising, events.
• Social media promotions to targeted audience or targeted customers.
• Bulk SMS, Bulk emails, Bulk whats app messages, marketing audi calls, Website promotions, Mobile App promotions, Social media page design, Social media managements, Social media promotions and much more on demand services.
• WiFi advertising, feedback collect through public WiFi, Social media marketing through public WiFi and data collection on WiFi.

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