What We Do? Advance Computing, Networking, Surveillance, Automations

We thoroughly consider of the case and creative in the field of Technology. Impossible Solutions is pioneer trusted for arranging, Designing, Implementing and keeping up wired systems administration foundation and remote systems administration answers for extensive variety of customers, from business class inns and resorts to little and expansive endeavors, We additionally lead the pack and activity in executing new and upcoming advancements, to meet the regularly expanding requests of clients. Having an industry nearness of almost 9years we have gained rich involvement in taking care of significant venture at PAN India Level, organizing advances, Building mechanizations and Surveillance. We have tie-ups with rumored sellers for different innovation items and administrations. This expands our quality by our specialized and client bolster benefits, a solid asset base and our across the country nearness.

Our Specialized Support System

The system backing us up is a team of professionals who are always running from pillar to post, in order to bring new resolutions to your problems. The way we solve your problem is different because we take you as our relation, and research on each aspect related to it. After thorough analyzation by our team, we make sure to present this resolution to you and alter it according to the alterations you require us to do.

We make sure to deliver the best in the field of IT, real time at a nominal charge. We believe in you and want you to turn back to us for all your IT support needs ever.

Why Choose Us?

A simple answer can be derived from that as being a company you always need IT support. Let it be related to the AMCs where software are updated or when you need to know which hardware need to be replaced or trashed. For any IT need, simply rely on us and focus on the other aspect of the company which can make your company grow at a high pace. Here is why should you chose us:

Real time support

Hiring impossible solutions as your IT partner means you are giving your IT support in the hands of professional who will make sure nothing goes wrong ever within your company. We take care of tasks real time even being hired on contractual basis. We just owe to your requirement and will always be available in minimum time resolving your queries either through remote presence or by visit. In short, your computers are safe in our hands.

Backup on the Go

The companies we work for, whom we call the masters are given access to the data backup which is taken on the go, in order to maintain a copy of everything which goes in and out via company server.

Expert team

The people associated with Impossible Solutions are masters in their respective domains and cannot be challenged on their knowledge. Hence there will not be any single day in the history of our relation with you as a client where you need to wait for another engineer who will resolve your queries because of lack of information on the issue. So you can rest in peace once you outsource your IT needs to us.

Presence in 19 states across India

We started with just few team members 9 years back from Aurangabad, it is a moment of pride that in a span of 9 years we have expanded our business in more than 19 locations across the nation. We have more than 400+ engineers on call who are available 24*7 to extend support and cater to your needs.

Maximum number of services under one roof

Our company is amongst those which offer complete solutions to all your IT needs. Let it be related to AMCs, Wi-Fi, cabling, Networking or anything we do have a specialist for every problem which can be ever faced by a company. As many as 10 services related to IT and the peripherals.

Clarity on the Projects

This is the biggest advantage of outsourcing your requirement to us. Most of the service providing companies believes in hiding things by putting complexed terms and conditions in the contract. Wherein we maintain sheer transparency with all of our clients by explaining each clause before we sign in and accept projects. Not to mention we also bring forward the worst case scenario to our clients so that one can be prepared beforehand.

On time Delivery

Our engineers are trained to meet the deadline every time they cater to a project. We provide TATs according to the complexity of the projects.

Reminders and follow ups for services chosen

Have you ever heard of an after service call from the sales team? We believe in earning customer’s loyalty that is why we make sure to follow up with them even after many years so that they remember as a part of their team and come to us for any need related to their IT service desk. Resultantly, we are proud to say that we have not lost any client till date since beginning and have worked together as team members for each other's.